The Committee


The Management Committee

The Jells Park Preschool Association is a non-profit organisation, licensed and partly funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET), with the balance of monies coming from fees and fundraising.

As a non-profit organisation, the Preschool is run by a Committee of parents who volunteer their time to help manage such things as general administration, enrolments, payroll, finances, maintenance of facilities, gardens and playground equipment, etc.

This committee is also responsible for the development of policies and values and the decision making processes that guide the direction of the Preschool.

Management Committee meetings are held monthly on an evening agreed to by the Committee members.

The Preschool cannot legally operate without a complete Management Committee.

No previous experience is needed for any given role, just your enthusiasm and desire to be involved!  The members of this Committee are elected each year at the Preschool AGM.

Committee Positions

  1. President;
  2. Vice-President;
  3. Treasurer;
  4. Assistant Treasurer;
  5. Secretary;
  6. Assistant Secretary;
  7. Maintenance Officer;
  8. Policy Officer
  9. Fundraising Coordinator;
  10. Social Coordinator;
  11. General Positions

To view the Committee meeting dates for 2022, please see the Calendar on the home page.