Nominated Supervisor

3YO and 4YO Teacher 

Sally is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher. She has taught in Kindergarten as an educator straight out of secondary school and through her teacher training until she qualified. Sally then taught for a few years before having her own children. She took a long break in which she ran her own home based business for about 12 years until selling it to come back to teaching about 7 years ago.  Before coming to Jells Park Preschool at the start of 2018, Sally taught a mixture of three and four year old groups at Kindergartens in Frankston, where she lives.

Sally loves working in Early Childhood, she prides herself in having a respectful and cohesive relationship with staff, children and families. She loves teaching and getting to know the children and building relationships with the families. Sally plans a play-based program for the children where she pays particular notice to the child’s development and scaffolding of skills needed to prepare them for the next stage of education; while supporting their current level of development.

Sally enjoys singing, yoga and swimming in her personal time. She loves to travel and learn about new places with her husband and children. Her children are teenagers now and are growing into independent young adults. Sally remembers the challenges of helping them through their early years and making decisions for them. She feels this makes her a better teacher now as she has learnt so much from these experiences and is passionate to pass them on. Sally loves working with all children and aims to provide a program that promotes an inclusive and respectful place to learn.  In particular she is interested in working with bilingual families and seeing children grow to be confident communicators.




Miss Lorelle is a Kindergarten co-educator in the four year old program. She has been a co-educator for the last 21 years and looking forward to being one for many more years to come. Lorelle has five adult children with her youngest just graduated to become a teacher. Lorelle also has five beautiful grandchildren! Lorelle enjoys reading and exercising, catching up with friends and family and babysitting. She looks forward to getting to know your children and watching them grow and develop over the coming year. It will be an exciting first term meeting all the families, especially each child.




Sayali is a co-educator in the four year old program and joined us at the start of 2021.

She has been working in the Early Childhood Sector for 8 years and has gained valuable experience working with children of all abilities in different settings of Early Childhood Education such as Kindergarten Inclusion Support, Long Day Care Service and as Preschool Coordinator (overseas).

Sayali is also an Architect (from India) and loves to extend and combine her creative passions to support children’s natural flair for exploration, experimentation, investigation, and curiosity.

Being a strong believer of ‘learning through play’, Sayali loves to create spaces and environments that are fun and positively support children abilities, strengths and interests. Building positive relationships with children and families is important for Sayali, to practice a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Sayali loves travelling and enjoys the various Arts and cultural experiences during these travels. She celebrates Cultural Diversity and is eager to learn about different cultures, their associated language and festivals, which will assist her to uphold the uniqueness and identity of each child.

Sayali’s mantra as an Early Childhood Professional is “No kid is unsmart. Every kid’s a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.” – Robin Sharma.



Fiona is a co-educator in the 4 Year Old Program. In 2004 she attained her Diploma of Community Services (Children's Services), fulfilling practical placement at the neighbouring Jells Park Primary School and in 2014 she went on to complete her Advanced Diploma of Children's Services. 

Working in the industry as a Senior Team Leader until 2014 before taking a break to to become a stay at home educator and Mother. Fiona was a member of the Jells Park Preschool Committee of Management as a parent from 2017 until 2019 while her sons attended the Kindergarten. 

Fiona finds working with Kindergarten aged children rewarding as this age group is beginning to understand the world around them and how things happen the way they do. She finds it highly satisfying to be able to explore and teach life skills that are discovered and learnt at this early age.

Being strongly community minded, this position allows Fiona to actively contribute and support her local Kindergarten. She enjoys being be part of a professional team with a supportive culture who all share the same vision in providing and delivering a high-quality educational program. Fiona has an infectious positive attitude with a happy disposition, her hobbies include volunteer foster carer of animals, tennis, bush walking and cooking.




Miss Debbie (陈畹丁) is the co-educator in the three year old program and commenced at Jells Park Preschool at the start of 2020. She joins Miss Sally for the three-year old group on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Debbie is from China and relocated to Melbourne with her family in 2014.

Debbie has always loved being around children and has been working in Early Childhood Education for two years. She sees all children as capable learners and believes that a nurturing, caring and positive environment helps children to build a strong sense of belonging that allows them ample opportunities to discover and learn about their own identity, relationships and also the world around them. Debbie enjoys experiences that foster children's creativity such as dramatic/imaginative play, music, movements and art.

Debbie has a passion for nature and animals and would love to discover more with the children.During her spare time, Debbie enjoys traveling, cooking, swimming and spending time with family.

As a mother herself, Debbie values the child's early years as it is so precious and really wants to bring some positive influence into their early learning journeys.

Debbie looks forward to working with you and making a contribution to the Jells Park Preschool team