Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our aim at Jells Park Preschool is to provide all children with a high quality play-based, educational program that encompasses the National Quality Frameworks (NQF) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We provide a challenging, stimulating and nurturing environment. We thrive on learning from each other and honour the different cultural backgrounds, developmental levels and interests of all the children in our care.

The teaching team will achieve this by:

  • Developing each child’s sense of “being and belonging”; an extension of belonging to their family and ensuring they feel safe to learn at kinder.
  • Providing a play-based environment to engage in throughout the day. We provide a variety of planned and challenging experiences for each child. It encompasses intentional and instructional teaching and independent or experimental play experiences.
  • Observing children at work and play to assess their interests, strengths and needs. We reflect on and evaluate these observations and plan a program of experiences that recognise each child’s current interests and fosters their learning and development.
  • Being committed to continuous improvement - planning and implementing initiatives to keep up with current interests.  We thrive on seeking input and feedback enabling us to evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives.
  • Recognising the importance of the family and home in the life of the kinder child.

We seek to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the child’s family and community to which they “belong”;
  • Providing opportunities for formal and informal discussions;
  • Delivering written feedback;
  • Presenting families with information on their child’s development through our individual learning plans, children’s individual observations, the direction and intention of the program and transition statements towards the end of each year.
  • Providing a warm, caring and welcoming environment where children feel safe, valued and important;
  • Believing that children need boundaries and clear expectations enabling them to feel safe and secure in an environment which provides this.
  • Evaluating and assessing these boundaries each year according to the dynamics of the children enrolled.
  • Supporting children and encouraging them to develop:
    • Emotional resilience
    • Social confidence
    • Self motivation
    • Persistence
    • Resourcefulness and
    • Independence

The teaching team at Jells Park Preschool interacts positively with children, are fun, energetic, encouraging, nurturing, show interest in each child’s thoughts and feelings, play with children at their level and use positive re-enforcement.

Our community is made up of many parts all working together:

  • We have strong connections with local schools to ensure we are delivering a dynamic program that ensures smooth transition for the children in the move from preschool to their local school. We network with our local schools and fellow teachers to workshop ways to support our children and families to meet their needs in transitioning to school. Our program helps prepare children for the next step in education, while being age appropriate.
  • We evaluate our timetable to ensure it meets the needs of families who have preschool and school drop offs/pickups.  
  • At Jells Park we understand that children rely on their Educators and families to support them to enhance their natural love of learning and curiosity. We regularly network with local schools and fellow teachers to ensure our children have a positive and enthusiastic attitude to learning. 
  • We strive for continual improvement in the service we provide to our community. We are self reflective, flexible and dynamic. We listen to our community and believe that the input they provide enhances our services, enabling us to continually improve.
  • We value the commitment and time needed to keep abreast of modern teaching practices. We support our staff in attaining a high level of professional development, while also collaborating and networking with other local kindergarten educators. We are part of a network of standalone kinders in the City of Monash who share resources, knowledge and friendship. This is important for our kinder as we are a voluntary committee-run, non-for-profit organization.
  • We acknowledge that being a stand alone preschool is not without hard work and challenge. We are grateful for the dedication and input from our voluntary parent committee and staff. We implement procedures to ensure our committee and staff feel valued and work at a realistic level to provide a high quality service. We do not expect people in our community to work beyond their means. Our committee is made up of parents of all walks of life and experience. Our staff is made up of our teaching team, paid administrative support and finance/ account keeping. All working together supporting the staff and committee and families in our kindergarten.


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